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The Thing Lenny Loves Most About Baseball

“One of the things I love most about this book is that it that it shows how practice can make us good enough to be great. Also, I love baseball.”

Illustrated by Milan Pavlovic

Kids Can Press, 2021

ISBN 9781771389167



Lenny can't get enough of baseball. He loves to play. And he loves to pore over his Big Book of Baseball Facts. He wants to be in the big leagues someday, and, he figures, the more he knows, the better his chances. The only thing is, though he tries to keep his eye on the ball as it heads his way during a game, it somehow ends up by his feet. “You just need to practice,” his dad tells him. So they practice. And practice. Lenny doesn't give up. And it pays off. Lenny makes a game-changing catch! Now he's proven he can be great some of the time. Which, according to the facts, makes him just like the greatest Hall of Famers, right?

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