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Sally's New Look

Sally's New Look by Andrew Larsen Illustrated by Dawn Lo_edited.jpg

“I love this book because it we all we can all connect with the experience of getting our hair cut.”

llustrated by Dawn Lo

Orca, 2024

ISBN 9781459836914


Sally is looking shaggy, so her humans are taking her to the groomer. It smells a little like a garden. Sally sees lots of brushes and bows. She even gets to take a bubble bath. Once she's squeaky clean and blow-dried, Sally is brushed, snipped and clipped. When her owners arrive—surprise!—everyone has fancy new hairdos!

This is the second book of Sally’s Puppy Adventures. It’s great for toddlers who are trepidatious about their first trip to the barber or salon.

Sally new look spread_edited.jpg
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