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Jungle Cat

book cover reads Jungle Cat with illustration of a brown skinned girl looking through pott

"I love this book because it looks gorgeous."

llustrated by Udayana Lugo
Orca, 2023
ISBN 9781459834644.


Bob is an orange tabby cat with big dreams. He lives in a safe and friendly apartment building with his human, Pippa, but he feels he is more than an indoor cat—he's a
Jungle Cat!

When Bob sneaks outside to chase his dreams, his adventure suddenly gets too wild.

It's a good thing jungle cats know when to ask for help!
A beautifully illustrated ode to the power of neighbours…

“Lively and filled with delightful, witty details...A welcome reminder that whether
you’re a cat or a human, it’s nice to have friendly people around ready to help you
– Kirkus Reviews

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