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Another Squggly Story

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“I love this book because I love showing the simplicity of telling stories. I believe we all have stories to tell.”

Illustrated by Mike Lowery

Kids Can Press, 2022

ISBN 9781525304828



Kid meets blank page in this fun exploration of the writing process


The kindergartener who learned to use squiggles to write a story in A Squiggly Story is now in second grade. His teacher, Mr. Lopez, tells his class about next week's assignment: write a story about yourself. “You can write about ANYTHING,” Mr. Lopez says, “as long as you write about YOU.” Marcus is going to write about his hat collection. Alia is going to write about the vampires she talks about all the time. But all the kid can come up with is a title: “The Story of Me by Me.” He can't figure out what it should be about. His sister suggests starting with lists --- Things I Like, Things I Know. Only, the things all seem disconnected. Is there some way to connect them, and make them into a story?


This playful book celebrates self-expression, self-discovery and letting your imagination roam. It's the perfect choice to inspire the storyteller in every child!

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